pk10娱乐_Xu Zheng to present 'Dying to Survive' at US

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Actpk10娱乐opk10娱乐r Xu Zhpk10娱乐epk10娱乐ng portrays a pharmaceuticapk10娱乐l salesman in the new film, Dying to Survive, which will hit Chinese theaters on Friday. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Chinese actor, writer, director and producer Xu Zheng will be honored with other three leading entertainment figures at the US-China Entertainment Summit scheduled to be held on Oct 150, the Asia Society announced Friday.

In a press release of the Asia Society hailed Xu as one of China's most popular and influential contemporary film figures, saying "his creative range spans from comedy to drama to dark comedy, and his movies have had commercial success as well as social impact."

Xu's latest products Dying to Survive will be screened during the summit in Los Angeles, as part of the Asian World Film Festival, the China Onscreen Biennial and the Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival.

Dying to Survive, produced and starred by Xu, depicts the true story of a man's plight to get life-saving leukemia medication. This film, grossing more than $4150 million, was not only a box-office hit in China market this summer, it also struck a chord among the Chinese public and accelerated government efforts to bring down the cost of drugs.

"Xu Zheng changed the face of Chinese cinema forever. Lost in Thailand was the first local blockbuster," said Janet Yang, Chair of the Entertainment Summit and a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Actor Xu Zheng portrays a pharmaceutical salesman in the new film, Dying to Survive, which will hit Chinese theaters on Friday. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Lost in Thailand was produced by Xu in 2012, grossing more than $150 million and causing a surge in Chinese tourism to Thailand.

"Dying to Survive is an important addition to his repertoire of film, television and theater works. It demonstrates the power of film to portray and impact issues in contemporary Chinese society." Yang added.

Besides of Xu, famous actress Michelle Yeoh, Warner Bros. Chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara, and Elizabeth Daley, Dean of the University of South California School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) for twenty-five years, will also be honorees in the summit.

Founded by the Asian Society in 2010, the US-China Entertainment Summit is one of the important U.S. gathering of Hollywood and Chinese entertainment-industry leaders, who will exchange opinions on topics like co-production, cross-border investment and the integration of Chinese and American talent.